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Personal Status Courts

Personal Status Courts
  • Oct, 03, 2018
  • salman

Personal Status Courts

Article 33 of the Code of Shari’a Procedure includes the competences of the personal status courts, namely, the  consideration of all matters of personal status, including:

  • Proof of marriage, divorce, divorce, annulment of marriage, return, custody, maintenance and visitation Proof of waqf, wills, dues, absences, death, and inheritance

  • Inheritance and the division of estates, including real estate, where there is a dispute or a share of a stay or will, minor or absent

  • To prove the appointment of guardians and the establishment of guardians and guardians in the conduct that requires the court’s authorization, and to isolate them when necessary and to quarantine and remove them from them, and to specify the regulations of this law and the necessary procedures.

  • Proof of the power of the speaker who can not read or write The marriage of those who do not have a guardian, or who are the ones who give birth to her

  • The case arising from personal status matters

  • Lawsuits brought against the penalties imposed by the General Authority of the State on the funds of minors

The Bureau has the following functions before the personal status courts:

  • Writing regulations and memoranda

  • The case is pending

  • Advocacy and advocacy

  • Negotiate with the conflicting parties to reach a peace agreement between the parties

  • Division of inheritance

  • Judicial guard

  • Providing legal and legal advice

  • Submit appeal and revocation regulations and seek reconsideration

  • Follow up the case until receipt of a final judgment