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General courts

General courts
  • Oct, 03, 2018
  • salman

General courts

Article 31 of the Code of Shari’a Proceedings includes the competences of the general courts, namely: to consider all cases, cases, final evidence and the like, which are outside the jurisdiction of the other courts, the Justice Department and the Board of Grievances, and in particular consider the following:

(A) claims relating to the property from property disputes or a related right, a claim of damage from the property itself or its beneficiaries, a claim to benefit or eviction, payment or contribution to the property, a claim to prevent possession or recovery, etc. unless the system otherwise provides.
(B) Issuance of the deeds of title to the ownership of the property or its termination
C – Cases arising from traffic accidents and violations stipulated in the Traffic Regulations and its Executive Regulations.

The General Prosecution Office shall:

  • Writing regulations and memoranda

  • Registration of claims

  • Advocacy and advocacy

  • Negotiate with the conflicting parties to reach a peace agreement between the parties

  • Providing legal and legal advice

  • Judicial guard

  • Submission of appeal, revocation and reconsideration regulations

  • Follow up the case until the final judgment is received