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Labour courts

Labour courts
  • Oct, 03, 2018
  • salman

Labour courts

Article 34 of the Sharafa’at Al-Sharafiyyah system includes the competences of the labor courts, namely:

A) Disputes relating to labor contracts, wages, rights and work injuries
B) Disputes relating to the imposition by the employer of disciplinary sanctions on the worker or on the request for exemption from them
C) Cases brought against the penalties stipulated in the Labor Law
E) Complaints of employers and workers who have not accepted their objections against any decision issued by any organ of the General Organization for Social Insurance concerning registration, contributions or compensation
F) Disputes relating to workers subject to the provisions of the Labor Law, including government workers
G) Disputes arising from the application of the Labor Law and the Social Insurance System without prejudice to the jurisdiction of the other courts and the Chamber of Grievances

The Office has the following functions before the labor courts:

  • Writing regulations and memoranda

  • The case is pending

  • Advocacy and advocacy

  • Providing legal and legal advice

  • Submission of appeal, appeal and appeal regulations

  • Follow up the case until receipt of a final judgment