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  • Oct, 03, 2018
  • salman


The first paragraph of article 1 of the arbitration system included the definition of an arbitration agreement as: any agreement between two or more parties to refer their adversaries to the arbitration that arose or might arise between them in respect of a specific contractual relationship, whether contractual or non-contractual, whether the arbitration agreement as a condition Arbitration in a contract, or in the form of an independent arbitration panel.

The Bureau shall undertake the following tasks:

  • To arbitrate between the parties to the dispute either as an individual arbitrator or as an arbitral tribunal Advocacy and advocacy in arbitration

  • The request for arbitration shall be entered into by the competent courts

  • In case of invalidation of the arbitral award

  • Negotiate with the conflicting parties to reach a peace agreement between the parties

  • Writing regulations and memoranda

  • Providing legal and legal advice