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Enforcement courts

Enforcement courts
  • Oct, 07, 2018
  • salman

Enforcement courts

Article 2 and 3 of the Implementing Regulations included the terms of reference of the enforcement judge, namely:

1. Except for the judgments and decisions issued in the administrative and criminal cases, the enforcement judge shall have the power to enforce and supervise the executive and shall be assisted by a sufficient number of enforcement officers and shall follow the provisions of the Shari’a Proceedings Law unless otherwise provided by this Law

2. The execution judge shall be competent to adjudicate the implementation disputes, whatever their value, in accordance with the provisions of the expedited judiciary, and shall also be competent to issue decisions and orders relating to the implementation. He shall have the right to use the police or the competent authority, as well as the prohibition on travel and lifting it and the matter of imprisonment and release.

The Bureau has the following functions before the Execution Courts:

  • Registration of students of implementation

  • Follow-up requests for implementation until implementation of the judgment

  • Advocacy and advocacy in conflict enforcement

  • Providing legal and legal advice