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  • Oct, 07, 2018
  • salman


The first article of the list of notaries and their work included the terms of reference of the notary, namely the following documents:

1 – Sale of real estate
2 – Dividing the transferred funds
3 – Agencies and their dissolution
4 – Rental of real estate and movables
5 – Companies contracts and amendment annexes and decisions of the competent
6 – Conducts on trademarks, patents and copyright
7 – Contracts in the money transferred
8 – acknowledgment of civil and religious sponsorship
9 – Recognition, surrender and waiver of financial amounts.

The office shall assume all functions assigned to the notary under the list of notaries since the office has a license to carry out the authentication works issued by the general administration of notaries under resolution 1112/39 dated 22/5/1439 AH