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Administrative Courts

Administrative Courts
  • Oct, 03, 2018
  • salman

Administrative Courts

Article 13 of the system of the Board of Grievances includes the competences of administrative courts, which are:

  •  Claims relating to the rights established in the civil service, military and retirement system for employees and employees of the Government and organs with public or independent legal personality or their heirs and beneficiaries

  • Cases of cancellation of the final administrative decisions submitted by the concerned parties when the reference to the appeal is lack of jurisdiction, defect in form, defect in the cause or violation of regulations and regulations or the error in their application or interpretation or abuse of authority, including disciplinary decisions and decisions issued by quasi-committees Judicial and disciplinary councils, as well as decisions issued by associations of public benefit – and the like – related to their activities and in the administrative decision, the administrative authority refuses or refuses to take a decision that it should have taken in accordance with the regulations and regulations

  • The compensation claims submitted by the concerned parties for the decisions or acts of the administration

  •  Claims relating to contracts to which the Authority is a party

  •  Disciplinary cases brought by the competent authority and other administrative disputes

G – Applications for execution of foreign judgments and judgments of foreign arbitrators

The office has the following functions before the administrative courts:

  • Writing regulations and memoranda

  • The case is pending

  • Advocacy and advocacy

  • Providing legal and legal advice

  • Submission of appeal, appeal, and reconsideration regulations

  • Follow up the case until receipt of a final judgmen