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Commercial Courts

Commercial Courts
  • Oct, 08, 2018
  • salman

Commercial Courts

Article 35 of the Shari’a Procedure Law includes the competences of commercial courts:

A) All original disputes and subordination that occur between traders
(B) Claims against the merchant due to his original business and subordination
C) Disputes between corporate partners
D) All lawsuits and violations related to commercial regulations, without prejudice to the jurisdiction of the Board of Grievances
E) The bankruptcy suit and the stone on the bankrupt and removed from them
F) And other commercial disputes

The Office has the following functions before commercial courts:

  • Writing regulations and memoranda

  • The case is pending

  • Advocacy and advocacy

  • Judicial guard

  • Providing legal and legal advice

  • Negotiate with the conflicting parties to reach a peace agreement between the parties

  • Submission of appeal, appeal and appeal regulations

  • Follow up the case until receipt of a final judgment