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Salman bin Abdullah bin Nasser Al-mahini

Academic qualifications: M.A. in comparative jurisprudence, Higher Institute of magistracy, in 1416 AH
Bachelor of Sharia college, Imam Muhammad ibn Saud Islamic university, in 1413 AH

Practical qualifications:
Appeal judge, Court of appeal, najran, 1433 H
judge, General court, riyadh, 1433 – 1438 Ah
Judicial inspector at the Judicial Inspectorate of the Supreme Council of magistracy, 2008-1433 H
Judge and supervisor of the first enrolment registration in kind of the property 1429 Ah
counsellor, Research department, Ministry of justice, 1421 – 1423 Ah
Judge of the General court, section 1418 – 1420
judge, Dhahran court, South 1417 – 1418 H

Posts and Works:
Member of the Committee for the preparation of the examination of reports of judicial inspection member of the Committee for the preparation of regulations of the physical registration of property member of the Committee for the preparation of regulations of the criminal Procedure member of the Committee to study the execution of judgements member of the Scientific Committee The United States of America is a member of the Judicial inspection delegation at the meeting of the Arab Centre for Legal and Judicial Research in beirut, representative of the Ministry of Justice for the implementation of judgements in the State of Egypt and the Kingdom of Jordan member of the delegation of the Ministry of Justice to the arbitration seminar in the state of Yemen training Courses:
Collective justice, Jeddah Al-sharia and law, Riyadh Al-solh and arbitration, tabuk Saudi law system, Egypt pleadings system, Abha Conciliation and arbitration, Taif and other aspects of the judicial, scientific and training field